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WerkStatt is your chance to amaze your clients with the best looking WordPress theme out there. It’s not the same old portfolio theme that has the same old features. WerkStatt is a powerful theme that brings a unique touch.

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Update 1.8.0 – 05.04.2017

WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility
Parallax fix for portfolio details
Scroll to section fix for Disabled Header Fill
Added Captions for Blog Image lightboxes
IE Edge fixes
Added Theme Option: “Limit Navigation to Same Categories”
Added Autoplay option for Image Slider element

Update 1.7.3 – 23.03.2017

Entirely rewritten Video BG features. Works in iOS10 now
Added Light Product Titles for Shop pages
Added Full Screen option for VC Bg Grid element
Added Full Screen icon for lightboxes
Added Colorpicker for Auto Type VC element
Fixes Polylang issue

Update 1.7.2 – 11.03.2017

New Product Styles
New Image size option for Product Page
New Image Alignment option for Product Page
Added Option to toggle custom scrollbar
Added New Scroll to Bottom Arrow style
Added Tag Support for Portfolios

Update 1.7.1 – 07.03.2017

Added Google Structured Data for Blog Posts
Fixes portfolio keyboard navigation inside lightbox
Added current menu item styling for full menu

Update 1.7.0 – 02.03.2017

Added Twitter VC Element and Widget
Added Swipe Right to close for mobile menu
Scroll to top on mobile fix
IE11 vertical centering fix
Added Opacity support for background color selection
Added Autoplay support for Testimonial Slider
Misc fixes

Update 1.6.1 – 21.02.2017

Snap to Rows are disabled on mobile
Light content for form elements
Added Columns Bottom Placement
Added Full Menu Typography option
Added “Hide View Project Button” for Portfolio Slider
Added Autoplay option for Portfolio Slider
Added Animation speed for iconboxes
Added Custom Link option for “All Projects” button

Update 1.6.0 – 09.02.2017

New Developer demo with One Page Scroll and new portfolio style – Check it out here
New VC elements – Portfolio Text, Awards & Experience
New Link Format post
Misc fixes

Update 1.5.1 – 02.02.2017

Fixes mobile menu resize issue
Added One Page Scroll support
Added Support for right aligned row pagination
Fixes column support for blog posts element
Fixes comment form support for portfolios
Fixes article style override

Update 1.5.0 – 22.01.2017

4 New Blog Article Styles with sidebars
Added Gallery and Video post formats
Added PolyLang plugin support
Fixes keyboard navigation issue while typing comments
Updated language files

Update 1.4.4 – 16.01.2017

Fixed All Projects going to wrong slide
Added Advanced Source options for Portfolio elements
Added Password Protection support for portfolios
Added Background Position option for Full Screen Slides.

Update 1.4.3 – 02.01.2017

New Full Screen layout – Objects
Added Email share option
Added New footer style for Full Screen layouts
Minor fixes and other improvements

Update 1.4.2 – 14.12.2016

New Full Screen layout – Glitch
Added Option for header search icon
Minor fixes

Update 1.4.0 – 29.11.2016

New Architecture Demo
Added FadeType Speed Control
New Image Slider style
New Portfolio Slider style
New Header Layout (Center Header)
New Preloader settings
New Blog Style
New Team Member style
New Portfolio Filter style
Misc fixes

Update 1.3.0 – 18.11.2016

New Digital Agency Demo
Added Autoplay option for FullScreen layouts
Added option to remove All Projects link for FullScreen layouts
Added Counters Element
Added new Iconbox Style
Added Menu Typography Setting
Added option to remove Language Switcher
Added new Portfolio hover style
Added Link Type Portfolio
Added HTML5 Video Background support for VC Rows
Updated Visual Composer
Misc fixes

Update 1.2.0 – 13.11.2016

New Photography demo
Scale animation for portfolio listings
Blog header spacing fix
Added Related Posts option for blog
Lightbox Portfolio type
Heading Tags Typography Options

Update 1.1.0 – 08.11.2016

PHP7 compatibility fixes
WooCommerce support
Upded WerkStatt plugin to show IDs on columns


Use by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.


1.The Regular License grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of the digital work (Item) you have selected. Read the rest of this license for the details that apply to your use of the Item.

2.You are licensed to use the Item to create one single End Product for yourself or for one client (a “single application”), and the End Product can be distributed for Free.

3.An End Product is one of the following things, both requiring an application of skill and effort.

(a) For an Item that is a template, the End Product is a customised implementation of the Item.

For example: the item is a website theme and the end product is the final website customised with your content.

(b) For other types of Item, an End Product is a work that incorporates the Item as well as other things, so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than the Item.
For example: the item is a button graphic and the end product is a website. See the FAQs for examples and information about End Products and the single application requirement.

4.You can create one End Product for a client, and you can transfer that single End Product to your client for any fee. This license is then transferred to your client.

5.You can make any number of copies of the single End Product, as long as the End Product is distributed for Free.

6.You can modify or manipulate the Item. You can combine the Item with other works and make a derivative work from it. The resulting works are subject to the terms of this license. You can do these things as long as the End Product you then create is one that’s permitted under clause 3.
For example: You can license a flyer template, include your own photos, modify the layout and get it printed to promote your event.

7.You can’t Sell the End Product, except to one client. (If you or your client want to Sell the End Product, you will need the Extended License.)

8.You can’t re-distribute the Item as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files. You can’t do this with an Item either on its own or bundled with other items, and even if you modify the Item. You can’t re-distribute or make available the Item as-is or with superficial modifications. These things are not allowed even if the re-distribution is for Free.
For example: You can’t purchase an HTML template, convert it to a WordPress theme and sell or give it to more than one client. You can’t license an item and then make it available as-is on your website for your users to download.

9.You can’t use the Item in any application allowing an end user to customise a digital or physical product to their specific needs, such as an “on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” application. You can use the Item in this way only if you purchase a separate license for each final product incorporating the Item that is created using the application.
Examples of “on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” applications: website builders, “create your own” slideshow apps, and e-card generators. You will need one license for each product created by a customer, or contact us at Help Center to discuss.

10.Although you can modify the Item and therefore delete unwanted components before creating your single End Product, you can’t extract and use a single component of an Item on a stand-alone basis.
For example: You license a website theme containing icons. You can delete unwanted icons from the theme. But you can't extract an icon to use outside of the theme.

11.You must not permit an end user of the End Product to extract the Item and use it separately from the End Product.

12.You can’t use an Item in a logo, trademark, or service mark.

13.For some Items, a component of the Item will be sourced by the author from elsewhere and different license terms may apply to the component, such as someone else’s license or an open source or creative commons license. If so, the component will be identified by the author in the Item’s description page or in the Item’s downloaded files. The other license will apply to that component instead of this license. This license will apply to the rest of the Item.
For example: A theme might contain images licensed under a Creative Commons CCBY license. The CCBY license applies to those specific images. This license applies to the rest of the theme.

14.For some items, a GNU General Public License (GPL) or another open source license applies. The open source license applies in the following ways:
(a) Some Items, even if entirely created by the author, may be partially subject to the open source license: a ‘split license’ applies. This means that the open source license applies to an extent that’s determined by the open source license terms and the nature of the Item, and this license applies to the rest of the Item. Split and other open source licensing is relevant for themes and plug-ins for WordPress and other open source platforms. Where split licensing applies, this is noted in the Item’s download files: for more information.
(b) For some Items, the author may have chosen to apply a GPL license to the entire Item. This means that the relevant GPL license will apply to the entire Item instead of this license.
Where an Item is entirely under a GPL license, it will be identified as a GPL item and the license noted in the download files: for more information.

15. You can only use the Item for lawful purposes. Also, if an Item contains an image of a person, even if the Item is model-released you can’t use it in a way that creates a fake identity, implies personal endorsement of a product by the person, or in a way that is defamatory, obscene or demeaning, or in connection with sensitive subjects.

16.Items that contain digital versions of real products, trademarks or other intellectual property owned by others have not been property released. These Items are licensed on the basis of editorial use only. It is your responsibility to consider whether your use of these Items requires a clearance and if so, to obtain that clearance from the intellectual property rights owner.

17.This license can be terminated if you breach it. If that happens, you must stop making copies of or distributing the End Product until you remove the Item from it.

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2. Pay with a credit card when you don't have a PayPal Account (Credit card: AMEX, VISA, Discover & MasterCard)

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