Top 18 Directory Website HTML5 Templates

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The free market has managed to create an unprecedented level of economic mobility. It is based on the principle of economic autonomy, and that everyone can act as their own economic agent. You get a voice, and a right to form your own company. However, so many voices can easily create noise. In the online world, you are literally competing with hundreds of thousands of companies. A business owner’s duty is to find a way of peaking the client’s interest.

Directory sites can cancel some of that noise, and funnel the customer’s attention to a very specific list of services and companies. Of course, others will benefit from the same exposure, but your chances will increase as well. Creating and maintaining a directory site can be a very lucrative business, for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to this task. Unlike other areas of activity, you can afford to neglect aesthetics. No flashy elements are required. The emphasis is on practicality, accuracy, and ease of use. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Directory Website Templates:



GoExplore! Is an incredible HTML template for travel web pages. It offers a large number of useful features, capable of enhancing every aspect of your follower’s experience. Even the best sites can fail, if they are overwhelmed by their competition. Getting noticed is the first, and most important step towards success. Thankfully, GoExplore! is optimized for search engines, as it maximizes your odds of climbing search engine rankings. A SEO-ready product will almost always get more views.

This template has both modern and traditional style variations for your blog. Regardless of your taste, it will fit like a glove. It should also be mentioned that a WordPress version of GoExplore! is available. The layout will be entirely responsive, and customers can access your page from their smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. In addition, content will be cross-browser compatible. This increased flexibility may also benefit the administrators of the website. Updates can be made while on the move, eliminating the need to be static in order to be productive. Basically, GoExplore! is capable of managing any travel agency page or travel blog. It will be possible to establish directories for tours, flights and restaurants. For more info, be sure to access the live preview.




Success in the real estate industry often depends on simple word of mouth. An aura of professionalism is paramount, and your site must reflect your commitment towards quality. Zoner is an astounding HTML template for real estate web pages. It incorporates many incredible features, each promising to improve your web development experience. With such an ally, it will be easy to earn the respect of clients. This product is not afraid to innovate, given that it was the first ThemeForest template to include OpenStreetMap. In addition, it is also possible to showcase Google Maps. Basically, the site owner gets to choose a map service that best suits the needs of his/her business.

In continuation of its innovative trend, Zoner has also included a Parallax scrolling function.  This effect actually applies to your map section, which is an extraordinary technical achievement. For those who want to update and maintain successful real estate blog site, it is now possible to incorporate masonry effects. There are more than 30 page variations for customization, in addition to multiple property type icon variations. The site layout can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection, given that it is Retina-ready and fully responsive. If you want to sample these features, be sure to access the live preview.




Spotter is an ideal solution, for those who wish to create successful directory listing websites. This innovative HTML template uses revolutionary technology, such as the OpenStreetMap feature. As the site owner, it is possible to select from a roster of 40 map providers, depending on the needs of your business. This product can be used to improve real estate, directory listing, auto dealer, hotel, restaurant or any other list website niche. With Spotter, downtime and slow loading times are entirely eliminated.

In terms of accessibility, this template deserves the highest praise. For example, it has included RTL (right to left) writing support, for foreign languages such as Hebrew, Arabic or Japanese. In addition, it seeks to accommodate users who prefer mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. There are no resizing errors, given that the site layout will automatically adjust and resize itself in order to fit smaller screens.

Spotter has added beautiful page transition effects, a quick view function for showcased items, and a series of practical keyboard shortcuts. For many possible business niches, a special home page variation was added. Font Awesome Icons and Map Icons are available as well. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.




If you are searching for an excellent HTML template for Vehicle List Portal or Car Dealership websites, look no further than AutoStars. This amazing product is packed with practical and user-friendly features, each implemented in order to maximize your chance of success. There is even a WordPress version of AutoStars, for those who dislike HTML. A slideshow is often a great medium of content promotion. Thankfully, your site will benefit from the modern Revolution Slider Plugin. Despite its $14 price tag, it was added free of charge. This allows you to design incredible, jaw-dropping slides that are sure to attract the attention of potential clients. AutoStars has incorporated more than 25 Full layered PSD files, in addition of a Font End Ad Listing Form.

Of course, any car dealership page must include information regarding the vehicles themselves. Specialized Vehicle Details Pages guarantee that clients will be able to make an informed decision about their purchase. AutoStars offers 150 Line Icon Web Fonts, multiple Font Awesome Icons, and it supports Google Fonts. There are 40 distinct page variations, and several Gallery Style Pages. For those who want to sample this product without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.




Real Estate can be a very lucrative business field, for those with an eye for quality. In a hyper competitive marketing environment, perception is everything. If you want to make a good first impression, you should consider using Realsite. This amazing HTML template for real estate websites can increase your chances of success, thanks to a wonderful roster of practical features. It can be used for agency, property or freelance pages. Of course, many niche-specific options are offered. For example, property multiple displays were added. Special templates for invoices are available, along with information sections for agents and companies.

Content and pictures can be accessed from all devices, as the layout is entirely responsive. With Realsite, resizing issues are eliminated. In addition, all pages will be Retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. At the heart of any marketing strategy lies search engine optimization. It is the most important factor in establishing a productive online presence. Basically, this SEO-ready template guarantees that you will get a better position of search engine rankings. Realsite has a limitless number of color customization options. There are 5 footer variations, and a detailed documentation source that offers to guide you through the personalization experience. Ad Space components are available as well.




This product is a sight for sore eyes. It has many useful options and features, each included in order to increase your chance of success. Bootstrap is used for the basic components of Directory. All pages were implemented according to HTML standards, guaranteeing that every customer can enjoy an excellent web development experience. The layout is adaptive and flexible, given that it can easily function on most screens. You will never have to worry about resizing issues, given that your followers can easily access content from any device.

Google Map API is implemented, helping customers to find their desired destination. For directory sites, this feature is indispensable. A simplistic yet powerful CSS3 animation framework is used, along with a practical category point menu. Overall, this product is very easy to use. Just about anyone can design a successful directory site, without the aid of a web development company. The premium Slider Revolution Plugin was incorporated free of charge, despite its $14 price tag. It should also be mentioned that your page will be cross-browser compatible. The community has greeted Directory with positivity, as it has an average rating of 4.67 stars out of 5. For those who prefer a hands-on approach, a live preview is available.




For many young people, the home page of a job directory portal is a familiar sight. The creation of such a page can be quite challenging, without the aid of an excellent HTML template such as Jobseek. This product has the right tools for the occasion, and it can enhance every aspect of the client’s browsing experience. Lack of variety is not an issue, given that there are 13 CSS3 and HTML5 page variations. You page will be able to showcase crisp, high-resolution images, as the layout is compatible with Retina displays. This makes it easier to adapt to the modern technological landscape.

Jobseek has added a full screen slider, and a plugin for keeping track of various stats. Both general and niche-specific features are included in this amazing HTML template. In addition, Jobseek will have jaw-dropping Parallax backgrounds, and some advanced forms.  Sites can also include photo galleries, price tables, and detailed blog pages. For online job boards, accessibility is key. Those who prefer hand-held devices are always welcome, considering that this template is entirely responsive and cross-browser compatible. If you prefer hands-on demonstrations instead of written reviews, be sure to access the Jobseek live preview. It is free of charge.


Real Estate


For those who want to design a successful property listing website, Real Estate is an ideal product. This HTML template has no equal, when it comes to ease of use and accessibility. Of course, it has many niche-specific features such as Google Maps Functionality, special map markers, multiple map style themes, custom map info boxes, and distinct application layouts. Basically, it contains all of the necessary ingredients for real estate success.

This template is constructed using Bootstrap, one of the most prolific CSS, HTML and JS frameworks on the market. Mobile responsiveness is prioritized, given that the entire layout is compatible with hand-held device screens. It should also be mentioned that an AngularJS version of Real Estate is available as well. It was designed using the best front-end development technologies and tools: Bower for plugin and asset management, Grunt for task automation, and more.

There are multiple Sidebar and Layout variations for Real Estate, each offering to change your visitor’s browsing experience. The template incorporates several box styles, an image gallery, and an expandable description for facilities, complete with comments and icons. If you want to learn more about template, be sure to access the live preview.




ESTATO is an excellent HTML template for real estate or directory web pages. Its design is charming, practical and simplistic, featuring a clean code. Few products can ever hope to match ESTATO’s quality. With this template, every single page element will be able to resize in order to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices. In addition, the layout is cross-browser compatible. Basically, ESTATO can be accessed from any platform. Your page will support pure and lightweight CSS megamenus. There is also a swipe menu, which is compatible with the touch screen technology of some devices. Upon purchase, clients will receive a bundle with more than 20 HTML files, coded with exemplary W3C practices. The needs of expert web developers were not overlooked, given the inclusion of .less files.

ESTATO can offer contact forms that are compatible with Gmail accounts. Site creation can be a very time-consuming endeavor, especially if you are starting from scratch. Thankfully, this template can lighten your schedule by introducing some incredible pre-designed testimonials, pages, forms, portfolio, blogs, and so on. Google maps were also introduced, and it is possible to customize them with icons, and information box text. Be sure to access the live preview, for more information.




Superlist is an incredible HTML template for advanced directory websites. It features many impressive features, each implemented in order to enhance the page visitor’s experience. Prolific technologies are implemented, such as SASS and Bootstrap. With Superlist, web development has become accessible to everyone. Upon installation, you can enjoy 7 premade home page tools: Google Map, Video and Image. A row/grid listing system was added as well. Custom markers are available, for your site map section.

In terms of visual customization, there is no limit to what can be achieved. There is an infinite range of possible page color palettes. Feel free to experiment with different color schemes, until you find something that perfectly matches your vision. Superlist has various templates for your blog and contact pages. Font Awesome Icons were added, in addition to a flawless code. Of course, there are specific sections for pricing, frequently asked questions, and testimonials. Basically, any online marketing campaigns aims to improve the client’s search engine rankings. Thankfully, Superlist is SEO-ready, and it can drastically increase your web traffic numbers. It should also be mentioned that the layout is fully responsive, as it can resize content in order to fit the smaller screens of hand-held devices.




Restate is a well-designed HTML template for real estate websites. It seeks to offer a refreshing and engaging browsing experience for both users and site owners. Due to the implementation of material design, the template is very user-friendly and it focuses on what is truly important: the content. Restate has some crisp, gorgeous animations, and a layout that is completely responsive. You can work from your phone, given that content will automatically resize in order to fit your screen. There are 4 distinct home page variations, in addition to a front-end submission page. The template is based on Bootstrap, and it is easily customizable by anyone. You don’t have to be an expert web developer, in order to use Restate.

Clients will also benefit from a full screen map function, a search form complete with background images, and a masonry listing grid. Font Awesome Icons and Map icons are available. This product offers a rich and extensive documentation source. Every piece of relevant information is contained in that file, as it offers to guide inexperienced users through the personalization process. For those who wish to sample Restate without having to commit to a purchase, a wonderful live preview was added.




For those who want to design excellent job board websites, Profession is an ideal HTML template. This product was made using prolific technologies such as SASS and Bootstrap, resulting in a very accessible and streamlined product. Clients can take advantage of many filter options, allowing them to better navigate search results. Profession offers a superior browsing experience for both customers, and site owners. Better organization always leads to enhanced functionality. All elements are labeled, sorted, and placed into <div> containers. When you need something, you know where to find it. Upon purchasing the template, every customer will gain access to 585 Font Awesome Icons.

The site layout is very malleable and adaptable. Those who prefer hand-held devices can easily access your content, given that it is fully responsive. In addition, layouts can be swiftly modified with only a few code alterations. Profession is meant for everyone, not just expert web developers. Cross-browser compatibility is available. Every single site feature is optimized for search engines. SEO-readiness can potentially increase your view count and your bottom line. All graphics elements are clean and sharp. Profession is a Retina-ready product. For those who prefer a more hands-on demonstration of this template’s capabilities, a live preview was added.




Real Estate websites must provide a reliable service, in an attempt to earn the customer’s trust. Your web page will be the center of your marketing campaign. Apartment is an HTML template that understands the need for quality. Its design is creative and modern, perfectly suited for today’s high-tech environment. This product seamlessly blends power and accessibility, resulting in an ideal solution for any problem.

Apartment is not just a shallow, niche oriented HTML template. It was developed by an actual real estate developer, and this experience really shows. Site navigators can enjoy incredible functions such as street view, Google Maps and incredible panoramas. These features can give you the upper hand, as you attempt to surpass the competition. You can use Apartment for estate portal, agency, solo agent and private real estate web pages.

The layout is easily customizable, eliminating the need to hire professional help. There are multiple color variations, allowing you to craft a site that perfectly matches your vision. For inexperienced users, a well-written documentation source was added. It offers explain every feature in detail, turning you into an overnight expert. In addition, you can always contact customer support, should any issues arise. The support representatives are quite friendly and polite.




Realtyspace is a perfect solution for any directory website. This HTML template is the product of more than 600 hours of arduous work. Every detail was tweaked to near-perfection, resulting in a flawless design that simply deserves admiration. Numerous improvements were made to the Realtyspace development process.

There is even a detailed documentation source, for users who lack web development experience. It contains information regarding all site features and elements, offering to turn you into an overnight expert. The developers have also pledged to constantly support and update their product. Your web page will never become outdated, in a constantly-evolving technological landscape. It should also be mentioned that a WordPress variation of Realtyspace will be included soon.

Customers will benefit from 9 distinct layouts for the home page section, each with its own distinct look and feel. Your site will include wonderful sliders, Fullscreen Maps, Openstreet maps and Google maps. The template’s construction allows for easy customization, as it is not difficult to move and reorganize elements. Your page will feature a nifty property gallery, which can enhance any real estate web page. Realtyspace has special user pages, complete with registration, password reset and login functions. Property submission forms are available as well.




By listening to what a community has to say, the developer can dominate a market. Globo is an excellent HTML template that mirrors the needs of its customers. During every single step of its development, client feedback was considered. The resulting product deserves praise, given its simplistic, powerful, and highly accessible design. Globo can be used for directory, personal, or administrator websites. It offers a large roster of practical features, designed to increase user convenience. This template basically eliminates the need to hire a web development company. It can be used by anyone, given that it does not require any advanced programming or coding background.

A Google Maps function was implemented, guaranteeing that clients can find certain venues with ease. In addition, Google Street view support is available. Globo has a PHP contact form, and many extensive company pages. Hand-held device users can rejoice, knowing that the entire layout is responsive. It will automatically adjust itself in order to fit the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. You will never have to worry about resizing errors. It should also be mentioned that Globo is fully responsive. For users who prefer a more hands-on demonstration, a live preview was made available.




Director is a well-designed HTML template for real estate, business, or auto directory websites. There is a specific version for each of these activities. Its design is simplistic and practical, yet it maintains a certain charm that will certainly impress customers. This product has implemented some niche-oriented features such as Google maps, and pages for submissions and reviews. With the elements that are offered, it will be easy for any user to construct a successful directory page. The layout is fully responsive, and it can be showcased on all operating systems, devices, or web browsers. Basically, viewers can access your site if they own a device with a screen and an internet connection. Resizing errors will no longer plague their experience.

Director has several unique footers, and an impressive Mega Menu feature. The HTML code for your site will be well-written and streamlined. You will benefit from 27 gorgeous portfolio pages, and more than 90 custom marker icons. Font Awesome icons were added, along with Entypo font icons. The template is SEO-ready, as it increases your chances of climbing those highly-competitive search engine rankings. Site owners can select from a limitless range of color palettes. Also, the layout has a wide and a boxed variation. Regardless of your choice, the directory page will look incredible.



If you are looking for directory templates that are using some CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress for easier management you might want to check this theme collection.