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The free market has led to prosperity, and the proliferation of the business class. Common people have elevated themselves overnight, in a time when rags to riches stories are very common. However, there are also drawbacks. As certain companies become successful and accumulate wealth and influence, monopolies form. They can afford to lower prices, pay for advertising, and develop products at an astonishing rate.

Small business can sometimes find it hard to compete with national and international juggernauts. The internet has somewhat set back that trend, as it provides a level playing field for most establishment. Here, the voices of everyone can be heard, and consumers vote with their wallet. In the digital age, a solid website is not a commodity, it is a necessity.

Quality costs money, even when it comes to web development. Start-ups rarely have enough capital in order to finance impressive websites. WordPress can provide a solution to that problem. For very modest prices, anyone can purchase a quality local business WordPress theme. With these themes, you can benefit from the same responsive features found in high budget multi-platform pages. They allow for a business to be judged on its merit, and mitigate the high cost of presentation and advertising.


divi - minimal local food store theme

WordPress is home to a staggering amount of interesting website themes, but none can offer the same standard of quality as Divi. This is the theme that can improve your chances of success, by giving you an almost infinite number of personalization choices. Your site will look just how you envisioned it, because you will be able to control the setup process. After all, brand recognition can be facilitated by a unique and memorable marketing campaign, whose epicenter will be your site. When using other WordPress themes, managing so many options can be hard. However, Divi is extremely user friendly. This eliminates the need to hire a professional web development company, and lessens the burden on your wallet. No coding or technical expertise is required.

Divi has included 18 amazing layouts, and they are all available free of charge. These layouts can be applied, when your busy schedule does not allow you to start from scratch. You can also use them as templates for further change an improvement, altering them as time progresses. Expansion also requires mass appeals, as multilingual sites are much more popular than their single language counterparts. Divi can be translated with ease, able to display your content in several languages.



corporate - simple local business theme

Corporate is an exquisite professional WordPress theme that is perfect for agencies, start-up firms, freelancers and corporations. Basically, any establishment that wishes to expand its online footprint has a lot to gain from Corporate.

You will be able to showcase your portfolio, experience, services, and team members. Owners will control their company’s degree of transparency, forging trustful relationships with their current and future clients. For those who wish to learn more about this product, an informative live demo was included. There is also a nifty documentation source. If you want to save time, yet still access valuable information, you could always watch the interesting narrated video tutorials.

Not all sites support mobile access, and that drawback can damage their potential. Thankfully, Corporate suffers from no such technically-imposed restrictions. It can run on anything that has a screen and an internet connection. After the theme is purchased, the developers will continue to offers quality customer service for 12 months. In addition, during that year all updates will be free. Customization is very user friendly, and it can be achieved through the front-end interface. No coding or tech knowledge is required. This theme is very affordable, and the customer reviews have been very positive.



entrepreneur - appointment booking theme

Just as its name suggests, this theme is made for ambitious entrepreneurs that want to reach the heights of success. The setup process has been simplified, making it very easy to create a successful website. Entrepreneur’s versatility allows you to convert casual followers into loyal customers. This is made possible by the scheduling calendar, conversion form, and booking features. There are a lot of things that you can accomplish with this product. The user-friendly interface and administration panel facilitate daily use. You can use Entrepreneur for physician, hair stylist, personal trainer, coach, contractor, and consultant web pages. In addition, it also goes great with multipurpose websites. Administrators and customers can enjoy a one page smooth scrolling feature, and a multi-page variation.

There is no such thing as overkill, when you are trying to manage a successful service. Entrepreneur’s versatility comes from its vast roster of useful features. After installation, it will include PayPal support, and it will incorporate form templates in order to facilitate setup. Over 1000 were added, and you get to choose between a boxed or full width layout. Customers will enjoy advanced short codes and an impressive short code generator. Entrepreneur is also Retina ready, and optimized for touch screens.




Unicon is a powerful and modern, expansive and visually limitless, professionally graphically designed and extremely cohesive and coherent, intuitively navigable and experientially pleasant and delightful, technologically nimble and savvy responsive WordPress design driven multipurpose website theme. Unicon is a well developed theme that has been extensively and carefully built up from scratch following a strictly design driven philosophy in order to ensure a resulting theme capable of producing experientially noteworthy websites that are memorable and engaging.

Unicon guarantees to make a dent in every visitor’s memory with their conceptually unique and deeply functional layouts and options, as well as its extensive and powerful page building capabilities that webmasters of any background or skill level can make effective use of.  Unicon includes over 50 custom built drag & drop page builder elements for your convenience, with built-in Mega Menus and an advanced Admin Panel with potent Theme Options that can alter your entire website with the flick of a switch. Unicon is easy to install, with a 1 click setup process, and constructed to be good to go out of the box from day one, with full WooCommerce integration and Google Maps location widgets readily available, making Unicon a great theme for local businesses.




Foundry is a beautiful and aesthetically polished, colorful and fresh-faced, highly customizable and superbly functional, very solidly built and high performance, endlessly adaptable and deeply flexible responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Foundry is a wonderfully easy to use and incredibly streamlined and polished theme that has been created for webmasters without any prior coding experience to quickly and seamlessly churn out endless high quality, professional looking, completely functional websites and pages with little effort and in no time at all.

To achieve this, Foundry makes effective deployment of the Visual Composer plugin with a helping of custom page builder elements with tons of customization options and flexibility as well as included LESS CSS3 files to make detailed modification of visual styling and animations an easy and breezy task. Every inch of Foundry has been painstakingly designed with visual cohesiveness and cleanliness in mind, making Foundry a perfect theme for all sorts of website archetypes and applications and a real technological powerhouse, including sophisticated commercial and business options and shortcodes such as Pricing Plans and Location pages, making Foundry a fine fit for local business websites. With limitless color capabilities, advanced Theme Options, over 20 conceptually unique Homepages, over 900 Google Fonts and so much more, Foundry is where the good things happen!




Uncode is a visually stunning and highly aesthetically refined, elegant and graceful, modern and very customizable, cleverly coded and efficiently structured, fast loading and experientially engaging, user friendly and easy to use responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Uncode is a terrific WordPress theme that has been carefully and thoroughly polished to be a clean and crisp all-inclusive website solution for webmasters of any skill level seeking to create professional quality websites full of functionality without having to write a single line of code.

Uncode does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what matters—your actual business. Uncode is decked out with serious and professional layouts and template pages that are resourceful and very developer friendly, so you can effortlessly adapt and adjust Uncode to fit your precise specifications. Every bit of Uncode shares the same Retina ready, pixel perfect graphical design, a professionally composed effort that makes Uncode websites shine like no other and that will bedazzle and amaze your audiences, resulting in higher return rates as well as conversion rates. Uncode is clean and minimal, with plenty of business-friendly demo websites included to help you hit the ground running, making it perfect for a local business with a strong, bold identity. Try Uncode today!




Consulting is a potent and flexible, modern and imaginative, luminously bright and very dynamic and colorful, serious and professional, enticing and attractive, charming and very well structured cleverly coded and very lightweight and fast-loading, technologically seamless and mobile friendly, responsive WordPress business and finance multipurpose website theme. Consulting is an expansively developed and ambitiously diverse website theme, capable of handling a whole slew of entirely different websites, regardless of scale, size, audience or market, but that has been specifically polished and devoted for the purpose of empowering webmasters rookie and seasoned alike to quickly and effortlessly put together their own professional quality business websites in a matter of minutes, without writing a single line of code.

That is because Consulting is based on the amazingly intuitive Visual Composer page builder plugin, and between its simplified drag-and-drop page and layout edition process and the impressive graphical branding power of the real-time WordPress Live Customizer, creating a professional quality business website has never been easier! An advanced Google Maps module management means local business websites will find Consulting a natural fit, with plenty of opportunities to make use of your physical location for creating customized roadmaps, getting directions and so much more under the hood! Try Consulting now!



bodega - organic food store theme

Bodega is a very impressive theme for WordPress. It can enhance any website, and aid your company’s expansion.  It has incorporated some innovative features that are sure to impressive customers. This theme has added 30 distinct, unique demos. Each of these demos is tailored towards a specific business, resulting in more niche specialization. After you try them out, you can always pick your favorite features from each, and blend them into one impressive site. The degree of customization is staggering.

Site owners will benefit from amazing SVG animation, which allow you to reanimate the stroke path of your personalized graphics. In the theme’s sliders, you may also design an attractive mask effect. Your whole website can be surrounded by a classy frame, thanks to the Passepartout feature. There are also on scroll animations, new portfolio hovers, and border line animations.

If you want to learn more about the product features and how to implement them, you can consult the extensive online documentation. It is quite expansive and informative.  Page construction is easier than you might think, considering the inclusion of the drag and drop page builder. As the name suggests, you can arrange the layout by simply dragging and dropping elements.



salient - modern local business theme

If you want to create a successful website that is sure to attract many views, Salient is the perfect choice. It is user-friendly, streamlined, and its design is aesthetically pleasing. It incorporates a highly customized version of the Visual Composer tool. It will allow you to design eye-catching pages, using drag and drop capabilities. Just as the name suggests, you only need to drag elements across the screen, and place them where they need to be. There is no advanced programming knowledge required.

When it comes to personalization, you have many tools at your disposal. There is a limitless amount of color and layout options, along with 600 distinct fonts. Each of them can be combined to form unique configurations. With this theme, you are only limited by what you can imagine. Full responsiveness is another major selling point, not just another tacked-on feature. You can rest easy, knowing that your valuable content will look amazing on any type of screen, mobile or otherwise.

Site owners can enjoy the charming Administration Panel. It is very easy to navigate and understand, as you can make major changes with just a few clicks. In addition, Salient has added the Nectar Slider, and plenty of short codes.



avada - coffee shop wordpress themes

Avada is the royalty of WordPress themes. Over 145 thousand people have downloaded this amazing product, making it history’s top selling theme. It has often been described as a Swiss army knife, possessing a tool for any occasion. It gives you complete freedom, and you can create anything you want. It does not have a difficult entry barrier, given that coding knowledge is not a requirement. It has many interesting demos, for those who do not want to start from scratch. With just one click, those demos can be imported to your site.

There are many page options, coupled with a modern Theme Options Panel, giving you the tools that you need. Avada is the perfect mixture between technical advancement and user-friendliness. Many current WordPress theme are responsive, as they can be accessed from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. However, Avada goes one step further. It will allow customers to pick their page’s width, in both wide and boxed formats. The soul of Avada is its Fusion Core plugin, brining many innovative tools such as: visual page builder, Fusion Builder, MegaMenu Fusion slider, and Short Code Generator. This is a premium addition that would normally cost $75, yet it comes free with Avada.



thefox - modern corporate theme

TheFox is a modern, impressive WordPress theme that can fit any purpose. It has many available demos, for those who want to experience its quality first-hand. It is very well documented, with a source that explains everything that you need to know, in detail. If there are any issues, do not hesitate to contact the excellent customer support service. In addition, excellent video tutorials were added, guiding you through the page creation process. Given the amount of explanatory material and support, anyone can successfully use this theme. There is no need to hire third party web developers.

TheFox has over 30 unique home page designs. Variety is not an issue, when you have so much predefined content. It can also help you out, as the home pages can act as templates, if you do not have time to start from scratch. There are over 250 unique design details, assuring that you will be provided with enough personalization options. TheFox has included an amazing Theme Options panel, making it possible for users to personalize every inch of their sites. The entire layout or the color schemes can be changed by just one single click. The same ease of use applies to posts and page sections as well.



stockholm - minimal local business theme

Stockholm is a theme for professionals that care about quality. It comes with an accessible and user friendly admin panel that allows for easy management of your content. There are 20 incredible multi-concept demos, that can save you allot of time and effort. They can also act as starting platforms for further modification and personalization.

Those who purchase Stockholm will get to enjoy free updates, and constant support from a friendly team of representatives. Adopting a high standard for quality and innovation, Stockholm reflects the spirit of Swedish attention to detail. Great fonts seem to be adrift on a sea of immaculate white, resulting in a beautiful website that challenges the imagination. This product is completely responsive, as it can adapt to screens of all sizes, displaying crystal-clear images of your well-written posts.

If you have any questions regarding the theme, an extensive documentation source can be consulted. For online transactions, the amazing WooCommerce plugin can create a safe and reliable medium. It is one of the most prolific plugins on WordPress, with thousands of theme choosing to implement it. Site expansion can often be facilitated by multilingual support, as you can convey your message to more people, and increase your site traffic.



brooklyn - one page local business theme

Brooklyn is a WordPress theme that is defined by its versatility and attention to detail. Its interface has a simplistic charm that seeks to maximize practicality. This one Page Parallax theme can elevate and improve your site, allowing you to attract plenty of viewers. Brooklyn eliminates the need for cumbersome XML files, and replaces them with a nifty One Click Demo Installer. Staying true to its name, it only requires one click in order to initiate the installation. For more information, you can check out the product’s live preview, which is quite informative.

For both professionals and amateurs, Brooklyn has something to offer. With over 11 thousand happy customers, it must be doing something right. It is basically your first and last theme, as it includes everything that you will even need. If you cannot afford to make a huge time investment, there 13 unique premade demos to import. This content can lay the foundation for further improvement, and give you an idea on how a professional should be organized. Brooklyn facilitates any presentation, allowing you to present your projects in an interesting manner. Creating portfolios is as easy as creating pages, and organizing them requires only a few clicks.



bridge - advanced local business theme

It is hard to believe that Bridge is a single WordPress theme. Given the sheer amount of features that it contains, it feels like a bundle download. Of course, with such an expansive roster, it is equipped to handle anything. In a competitive online market, having the right tools for the job is crucial. Bridge has 100 distinct demos, more than enough to satisfy even the most avid consumer. In addition, you can use these demos if you want a template for a proper web page. Bridge was the best-selling theme in 2014, and it has yet to lose the interest of its loyal customers.

If you want to commercialize merchandise or services, you will need a proper medium. This theme has incorporated the massively popular WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to design a charming, profitable online shop. Bridge includes a detailed and well-written documentation source that can guide you through the installation process, and explain the product’s features. Page creation is ridiculously easy, considering that anyone can design a successful page. The target demographic is not represented by seasoned computer programmers. Bridge is made for regular people. The theme is completely responsive, and it works with most major browsers.



betheme - multipurpose local business theme

This is a theme that you will add to your favorites. It is made with a lot of care and attention to detail. Every user can leave suggestions on the support forum, and the developers have pledged to consider all opinions. Usually, when a theme has over 20 premade layouts, it is considered a lot. BeTheme has over 100, fully functional pre-made layouts, and they can easily be installed with a single click. However, impressive as that may be, this product’s main selling point is its unrelenting commitment towards quality.

Upon installation, users will start with a Base Grid, after which a layout will be chosen. You can choose between boxed, full width, dual sidebar, and left or right sidebar versions. The customization options are plentiful. Users can select 17 personalized header styles. They can also upload their own logo, and alter the font sizes. Even the entire color scheme can be easily changed. Many changes are controlled from the Admin Panel, without the need to touch a single line of code. The interface does all of the heavy lifting, and you just get to make the fun, creative decisions. Every element can be improved and tweaked, as you can customize it as you see fit.



enfold - multipurpose ecommerce theme

Enfold is proud of the fact that it is probably one of the most user-friendly themes on WordPress. You can use it to construct gorgeous web pages, while having fun. It offers many features and variations, heavy optimization, and superior support. Enfold can be the last theme that you ever purchase, because it has everything that you might need. The only limitation is your imagination, considering that if you can picture it, you can build it. The user reception was very positive, as customers were quick to praise the outstanding design and dedication to quality. Pages upon pages of encouraging reviews await those who are willing to read them.

The responsive layout is quick to stretch or scale down in order to adapt to your device’s screen size. If any issues occur, you will be supported by some of the best customer representatives in the business.  They are quite helpful and friendly, eager to resolve problems. By accessing your theme’s backend, you can install the well-made theme demos with just a single click. Enfold epitomizes convenience and ease of use. Your content will look amazing on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, because this theme is fully responsive.



x - multipurpose local business theme

X is an extremely impressive WordPress theme. It can enhance any lackluster website, considering the sheer amount of useful features that are available. The design is very aesthetically-pleasing, able to convince even the most cynical customers. In order to be very accessible, X has streamlined and simplified all of its options. This is not a product that was intended for web developers and seasoned programmers. It was meant for all customers. Even those that are not very tech-savvy can create an amazing website. Every customization change can be managed using the theme’s front-end interface.

X is a product that respects your resources, and your time. Screen space is one of the most important aspects of mobile compatibility. Smart phone and tablet users benefit from full compatibility, and there are no resizing issues. In addition, the on-screen menu is well-designed, making the most out of the available space.

You can alter settings with ease, as the process requires only a few click of your mouse. Given this high level of quality and optimization, in addition to a staggering degree of attention to detail, X has earned the appreciation of its customers. Custom WordPress plugins can be integrated, further improving the theme’s technical aspects.



construction company wordpress template

If you own a construction company, and you want to promote it through an amazing website, look no further than Builder. It goes great with architecture, building service, engineering, and cleaning company web pages. In addition, its versatility allows it to fit any small business niche: decoration and painting, maid, refurbishment, maintenance, carpentry and joinery, plastering and rendering, and so on.

Its form reflects its function, given that it includes practice area, opening hours, appoint forms, free consultation, case result and team member page sections. It can be used by customers who are not very tech-savvy. The design is very friendly towards anyone. In order to receive compensation or conduct other online transactions, the prolific WooCommerce plugin was included. Most successful WordPress themes rely on WooCommerce on a daily basis.

Upon purchase, you will benefit from over 1200 amazing Premium icons, for no extra fee. This is an addition that would otherwise cost $39. There are also 23 well scripted and expertly produced video tutorials, explaining everything in detail for new users. Although the customization process may seem daunting, the drag and drop builder will do most of the heavy lifting. There is no coding knowledge required, and your site’s speed will reduce downtime to a minimum.



mama - web developer wordpress theme

Developed by Jewel Theme, MAMA is a clean, minimalist and fully responsive WordPress theme for portfolio, corporate and business web pages. This theme was developed with a practical sense of style, and everything is where it needs to be. If you want to access the theme menu, you only have to click 3 times on the top icon comprised of three lines. You can sample the menu and other amazing features by accessing the theme demo. There, you will find everything that you need to know, regarding this superior product.

For clients that are having issues, a dedicated support team will be standing by. Positive reviewers often declare that this was their best experience with customer support representatives. In terms of customization, it has integrated many Google Fonts, allowing you to personalize and enhance your posts. Touch screen capabilities are enabled, facilitating mobile navigation. Elements of your site will show up in high resolution, given that Mama is entirely Retina Ready. The code is clean and well written. The documentation is expansive, providing tons of useful information. In addition, the layout of MAMA is entirely responsive. A beautiful 3D curtain effect was included, along with a Home Fullscreen Slider.



lighthouse - one page parallax theme

Lighthouse can be an online beacon, attracting customers to your well-designed site. This is a WordPress theme that focuses on quality and consistency. It uses a rather simple one-page format, avoiding unnecessary layout elements that simply burden the interface. The entire theme can be personalized, allowing site owners to craft something that represents their vision. It is great for Restaurant, Personal Portfolio, and Small company web pages. It was constructed using the Bootstrap 1170px grid, and it is completely Retina Ready.

It is very easy to lose the reader’s attention, especially when the text is very bland. Thankfully, this theme has a complete collection of impressive Google Fonts, assuring that you will benefit from excellent customization. With Lighthouse, users from across the globe can enjoy your site, due to the fact it is fully translatable. This is made possible by the inclusion of .po and.mo files, and it can expand your customer base, bringing in more revenue. The documentation source contains plenty of valuable information, and you can also subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates regarding your favorite theme. Lighthouse is available in a One Page and Multi Page version, and it incorporates an advanced theme options panel.